Notice to Users

Computers, software, files and the e-mail system furnished to employees and other users, as well as documents and other materials generated by them, are property of NYBC and are intended for business use only. 

Please do not consider your electronic communication, storage or access to be private if it is created or stored on work systems, this includes information that may be stored on an NYBC mobile or stationary device or equipment that is generated from an individual's non-NYBC email or other electronic account. You should be aware that these messages are subject to disclosure to outside third parties, although NYBC will not routinely monitor or review this information. These parties include the court system and law enforcement agencies.

NYBC has procedures in place for the regular maintenance, activity, performance and security of Information Systems. Without prior notice, NYBC may review, monitor, access, retrieve or delete any material created, stored, sent, or received on its network or through the Internet or any part of its Information System. This review could include, but is not limited to, e-mail, contents of hard drives or directories and portable media, web sites visited, etc.

The Information Technology Department will report to the appropriate manager and/or HR Department any potential violation of this policy it discovers during routine monitoring or other review activity.

Information from the NYBC Information System may be disclosed to the appropriate government, law enforcement, and regulatory authorities, to other third parties and/or in the context of litigation or other disputes, as required or as NYBC deems appropriate.