Beth H. Shaz, MD



Chief Medical Officer, Senior Vice President

Co-Director, Lindsley F. Kimball Research Institute

Research Area

My research interests are the transfusion management of trauma patients, minority blood donation, transfusion transmitted diseases and creating the next generation of blood products to optimize patient outcome.

Contact Information

Phone: +1 (212) 570-3460


Red Cell Physiology

Lab Personnel

  • Aabhas Marthur, MS
  • Mohd Raquibul Chowdhury, MS

Funding Support

  • “Blood Donor Competence, Autonomy and Relatedness Enhancement (Blood Donor CARE),” R01, NHLBI, (C. France, PI)
  •  “Novel viruses and viral dynamics in multiple transfusion recipients,” R01, NHLBI, (A Kapoor, PI)


Method of Blood Pooling and Storage [NYBC 629]
The patents describe the process of producing a red cell product having a consistent number of red blood cells. The method comprises pooling red blood cells from a plurality of blood units and inactivating any pathogen(s) contained in the pool. A storage solution added to the red blood cells results in a product that is essentially pathogen and white blood cell free and has an extended shelf life of 42 to 100 days. The product is divided into units which contain a uniform dose of RBCs per unit.
Inventors: C Hillyer, B Shaz
Patent Status: US# 8,512,942 Issued 8/20/2013;  US# 8,968,993 Issued 3/3/2015. Additional patent applications pending.
Licensing Status:  Available for Licensing and Sponsored Research Support.

Component Preparation System [NYBC 624]
A centrifuge-free self-contained system for obtaining blood components (RBCs, platelets, plasma) from a single or dual unit of whole blood.  The device is designed to aseptically separate the components using  appropriate filters, chambers and a system of pumps and valves.
Inventors: C Hillyer, B Shaz
Patent Status: US# 8,920,659 Issued 12/30/2014. Additional patent applications pending.