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Donate Blood

One pint of blood can save up to three lives.

Donate Blood

Carly - Blood Recipient

Carly, age 16 from Queens, was diagnosed with leukemia at age seven and had a relapse at age 12. She received many transfusions.

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Where to Donate

Donor centers in your neighborhood and almost 50 blood drives a day in NY, NJ and beyond.

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Donor Advantage Program

Each time you save lives by making a blood, platelet or plasma donation you’ll earn Advantage points redeemable for a wide variety of gifts or gift cards.

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Who You Help

There are lots of people alive today because of blood donors like you.


Can I Donate Blood?

Most people are eligible to donate life-saving blood.


Prepare to Donate

Donating is pretty easy…and we have some tips to make it even easier.


Know Your Blood Type

If you’re blood type is O-Negative, you’re a “Universal Donor,” because your blood can be transfused into anyone in an emergency.

Who You Help

Acacia Puleo, Blood Recipient

Acacia Puleo suffered from liver disease and needed daily blood transfusions to help save her life.

Lauren Young, Blood and Heart Recipient

Lauren Young is healthy today thanks to the donated blood that saved her life before and during her heart transplant surgery.

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Celebrating 50 platelet donations is cancer fighter @aceofspades217 thanks, and congratulations from all of us at #nybloodcenter \u30fb\u30fb\u30fb\nToday makes my 50th platelets donation!!!!! Woah. So happy it\u2019s not funny!!!!!! #platelets #donate #donateblood #donateplatelets #donateplateletstosavealife #donateforthem #putthembeforeyou  #savealife #savelives #everyonematters #nybc #newyorkbloodcenter \U0001f489\u2764\ufe0f\U0001f5fd
Saving lives on and off the job! Thanks to the blood donors, organizers and Volunteers at New City Ambulance Corps and congratulations on a great blood drive. Rescue workers know how acute the holiday blood need can get. If YOU want to host an emergency blood drive at your school, business, place of worship, or community organization, step up! Because new blood drives are always needed. Learn more here and stay safe this Holiday Season <3
Save lives in #bk RIGHT NOW and until 4:30. The good biker folk at  @triumphbrklyn are waiting to welcome you. Shed some blood for the greater good \U0001f489\u2764\ufe0f\U0001f5fd #nybloodcenter \u30fb\u30fb\u30fb\nSome close friends have been saved due to the availability of compatible blood, when they were caught in a life threatening crash. We're truly grateful for their incredible survival.Let's  pay it forward for people who may need such help in the future. Contribute to saving lives at this blood drive, put on by the amazing @themissfires and @newyorkbloodcenter located at @triumphbrklyn. Show up if you're in the NYC area. If not, please donate blood and platelets at your local blood center. Sat Dec.8th 12-430 pm