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Join the Registry

If you are between 18-44, in good general health, and willing to help any patient in need, you can join!

  • You can join in-person or online.
  • A consent form and a cheek swab are all we need to get you on the registry.
  • You will stay on the registry until the day of your 61st birthday.
  • Review the health/medical guidelines.


  • When you join the Be The Match® Registry, you are taking the first step to saving a life.
  • You are also making a commitment to be ready to take the next step if a patient needs you.
  • Everyone on the registry is critical to saving lives. However, doctors choose registry members age 18-44 more than 90% of the time.
  • For all registry members, the most important thing you can do is stay committed, so if you are selected as a match for a patient, you are ready to move forward.

What if I Match a Patient?

  • If you match a patient, we contact you and ask for blood samples to do more testing.

I Want to Run a Bone Marrow Drive

If you are interested in hosting a bone marrow drive, please complete the contact form below.

Want More Information?

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