Bloodstock® Scholarship Program

Bloodstock® is a scholarship opportunity for students who demonstrate community service and leadership through the planning and sponsorship of a community blood drive.

Blood drive must meet minimum requirements below:

  • 40 -49 blood donations = $400
  • 50+ blood donations = $500
  • Student chairs who host drives that don’t qualify for above amounts but result in at least 26-39 donations will earn a $50 gift card (Barnes and Noble or comparable gift card.)
  • A Bloodstock must be a new location/account or if an existing account (already hosting blood drives with New York Blood Center or New Jersey Blood Services), it must be an increased frequency drive (an additional blood drive in the calendar year).
  • Bloodstock blood drives may be scheduled any day of the week, however weekends are often unavailable. Weekday evening Bloodstock blood drives are very common. (Sample hours are 3:00 to 9:00 pm)
  • You may host more than one blood drive, however each blood drive must achieve the minimum # of donations to earn the scholarship award.
  • You may co-sponsor a blood drive with a friend, however the scholarship award will be divided in two.
  • You must meet with your designated NYBC Account Manager and maintain communication throughout the planning process and you or your designee must be present at your blood drive.
  • Blood drives at high schools during the academic school year from (September-June) or at colleges are not eligible for Bloodstock scholarships. (Please inquire about our High School and College Scholarship Programs.)
  • Following the blood drive, you must submit the scholarship form to receive the scholarship check. Checks are made out to the college/university where you plan to attend. Do not abbreviate college/university name on the form. Lost checks or those not cashed within 6 months will not be replaced.
  • Checks cannot be donated to a charity.
  • For more information, e-mail Andrea Cefarelli at, Marie Forrestal (NJ), Michele Lariviere (Hudson Valley, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Staten Island, Bronx), Karen Muscolino (LI/Queens) at